Kustom Designed Personal Heating and Kooling Systems.
For Your clothing and other needs.
KUSTOM KOMFORT  R. R. 2, Box 35 Dale, IN 47523 1-800 WE HEAT M or 1-800-HEAT ME 1

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Does any of this clothing look like yours? They can be converted into heated clothing, to use while motorcycling, snowmobiling, ice fishing or any other cold weather activity. Battery not included.
You do not need to buy MORE expensive insulated clothing to have heated comfort in cold weather.
Sample installation of heat wire.
It looks confusing - follow the route a few times - it works. You can exit either side or from the underneath of the garment. Remember you probably will want to hide the wire and plug when you are not using the heaters.
REMEMBER THIS: If you have a hot spot or cold spot you do not like after you have the heat installed - do not just "put up with it". Cut one end off and relocate the heater wire to where you need it. This is another reason this system of heated clothing is superior. You can change the heater from one garment to another. Snip the heater wire at the connection, pull out the wire and reinstall it in a different garment. Always disconnect plugs by pulling the plugs, not the wires, or you may be left out in the cold! Replacement plugs and wire pin ends may be purchased at most Radio Shack and electronics stores or direct from Kustom Komfort!